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to high-value perennial crops such as fruits and vegetables. CHAMP has worked in half of the provinces of Afghanistan, establishing fruit orchards, providing training in best agricultural practices, building storage facilities such as cool rooms and raisin drying facilities, and helping grape farmers convert from traditional ground-based vineyards to higher output trellis systems.

Currently, CHAMP provides focused attention to supply chain, marketing, and export promotion of Afghan fresh and dry fruits and nuts to international markets. CHAMP supports traders and its trade offices established in Almaty, Kazakhstan, New Delhi, India and Dubai, UAE to promote Afghan agricultural products and boost their export from Afghanistan.  CHAMP helps Afghan traders and agribusinesses export more than 15,000 metric tons (MT) of high-value crops annually to wholesale markets and supermarkets in the region. CHAMP works with participating traders, relevant government and non-governmental institutions, and other donor projects to provide assistance with trade credit, food safety and quality certification and compliance with international market standards and to improve cold storage and packing houses. CHAMP also enhances the capacity of local packaging manufacturers and freight and logistics facilitators to promote agricultural trade from Afghanistan.  Total project funding now stands at $71,292,850.

The USAID Commercial Horticulture and Agricultural Marketing Program (CHAMP) began in 2010 to reduce poverty among rural Afghan farmers by helping them shift from relatively low-value subsistence crops, such as wheat and corn,

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